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BIOPLYN CS s.r.o. was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary company of Bioprofit s.r.o. The company’s aim is to provide comprehensive services related to the construction of biogas stations handling a wide range of input materials of an agricultural and municipal nature in the form of “turnkey” supplies.

The biogas stations are supplied in the following two basic technologies:

When supplying wet fermentation technology we lean on BIOCONSTRUCT GmbH with its wide ranging experience in the field, the main emphasis is placed primarily on quality whilst keeping prices reasonable. The technology on offer is characterised by a high operating stability and achieves excellent results in assessments of its reliability. Innovative procedures are also used, ones that set a high operational standard. This concerns, for example, processing a very high percentages of grass haylage in the feedstock, more than 75 %, cleaning sludge water from separation, the production of concentrated fertilisers and the use of a solid separate to produce pellets, etc.
Our partner Bioconstruct GmbH, has already built more than 250 biogas stations. A few examples of the latest projects are the biogas station at Strunkovice nad Blanicí with an output of 550 kWel. and a biogas station in Teesside in England with an output of 5 MWel.
We also offer complementary technologies for the biogas station to use the waste heat in the form of dryers, heating systems, ORC, etc.

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Ing. Tomáš Dvořáček
managing director

Ing. Tomáš Dvořáček

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